How SmartPM Calculates Total Float

In SmartPM, Total Float = Work days between Late Finish and Early Finish date (Late Finish - Early Finish).
Also, SmartPM does not factor soft constraints into calculating the late dates. 
- A "Finish On Or Before" constraint is an example of a soft constraint. 
Activity A has a Finish date of 4/12/2023 EOD and a Late Finish date of 4/14/2023 EOD.
  • Therefore, it has a Total Float of 2 days.
  • If it has a Finish On Or Before constraint on 4/13/2023 EOD.
    • P6 would say the Late Finish Date cannot be after 4/13/2023 EOD and the activity's Total Float = 1 Day
    • SmartPM ignores that constraint and holds the 4/14/2023 EOD Late Finish Date and the activity's Total Float = 2 days.